Why Do Home Use Hair Removal Devices Use Quartz Lamps?

In fact, the relative effect of glass lamps and quartz lamps is almost the same, so why is the cost of quartz lamps nearly 10 times more expensive than glass lamps?

The key point lies in the life of these two types of lamps. If the glass tube is guaranteed to have the hair removal effect, generally only 2000-4000 times of light will be emitted. Normally, women with a length of 1 meter 6 to 1 meter 7 will have about 2000 hairs (whole body) if their whole body is depilated. For hair removal, even a small area of hair removal, the glass tube is definitely not enough. The quartz lamp is different. The effective number of hair removal is generally more than 100,000 times, and the bold type lamp can even achieve 400,000 times of light. Therefore, when buying a photon hair removal device, you must look for the quartz tube.

How should we distinguish between a glass tube and a quartz tube? This requires us to take a closer look at the middle of the tube.

Due to the different manufacturing process of glass and quartz, there are some differences between quartz and glass tubes. Because the softening point of quartz is too different from that of ordinary glass, the glass tube evacuates the air inside from both ends, so the overall look is very smooth and shiny. The quartz tube is pumped directly from the middle, so the small bump in the middle It is an outstanding point formed by the air extraction process.

At present, both the imported German lamps and the lamps produced in Shenzhen follow this principle, so as long as there are no prominent small bumps in the middle, 100% of them are glass lamps.

It is not necessarily a quartz tube with a small bump in the middle, but there must be a small bump in the middle of the quartz tube.