How To Use The Face Cleansing Brushes 

Start by removing make-up, so the face brush can work on cleaning the skin, instead of spreading make-up around the face. Apply some face cleanser like our natural cleansing milk directly on to the brush.

Work the brush all over the face and neck with small gentle circular motions. Take care to be gentle on areas like the neck and also the delicate skin around the eyes. Pay special attention to congested areas like the face and chin. Take time to make sure every area of the face is cleansed with the brush.

When using the face cleansing brushes, generally choose a low rotation speed. The speed of 300 per minute can effectively remove the dirt on the face, so that it will not damage the surface cells of the skin and will not cause the facial skin to become thinner and thinner. Girls with oily skin can wash for a while longer than girls with dry and sensitive skin, 2~3 minutes is fine.

Although the cleansing device is effective, don’t use it too frequently. 1-2 times a week is more appropriate. For girls with sensitive skin, only once a week or two will do. After cleaning your face, don’t forget to clean the cleansing device. Remember to cut off the power when washing!

The brush head of the cleansing device can be changed about once every 3 months, and some girls also use the cleansing device to clean other parts of the body. The effect is also good. Dead skin and dirt can also be cleaned, but it is recommended to clean the face and The brush head of the body must be separated and washed frequently.

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