Where is The Market For Home Beauty Device?

In recent years, the home beauty device market has developed rapidly, especially the rise of social media channels. Facebook Twitter, Youku, Instagram, TikTok have entered the market. Generation Z has gradually grown into the main force of China's new consumption, and has become the core group of new brands...

With the rise of the "pleasure economy" and the shortening of consumer purchase conversion links, a number of fast-growing new consumer brands have been born. According to Mintel's "China Beauty and Personal Care Report-Attitudes to Beauty Device" report, 59% of 20-49-year-old Chinese female consumers said that they have used at least one home beauty device. Therefore, the new rigid demand mainly for the consumption of home beauty equipment has huge market growth space and development potential in China.

If you are a brand or internet celebrity, from which direction should you choose the right beauty device company?

Not only a sense of science and technology, but also environmental protection

At the consumption level, usually in the transitional period of life, it is easier to wake up the demand for beauty, find a more ideal life, "meet a better self", and beauty device consumer groups are no exception. On the one hand, young consumer groups are chasing trendy, fashionable, and technologically powerful "black technology" beauty device; on the other hand, environmentally conscious consumers are pursuing natural, environmentally friendly, and satisfying human skin in the choice of beauty device and raw materials. Long-term use. Security needs.

Not only satisfying diversification, but also pursuing individualization

At the level of personalized demand, the demand for beauty device continues to show a diversified trend from face to body, and from head to toe. Among them, the sales of dental, eye, body, hair and other beauty device categories have increased significantly, becoming star categories sought after by merchants. Among them, eye beauty device that focuses on the needs of "staying up late" and "overtime" is ready to launch, reducing dark circles, swelling, and diminishing fine lines, attracting more and more consumers' attention and purchase. .

Must be easy to use and effective

At the level of application scenarios, the home beauty instrument bid farewell to the problem that traditional beauty instruments can only be enjoyed in beauty salons. More and more portable medical beauty and portable beauty devices have entered the travel bags of thousands of households and consumers who love to travel.

Not only must risk be zero, but also performance must be considered

In terms of safety, many consumers prioritize safety issues when facing risk choices. Because medical beauty and plastic surgery are accompanied by certain risks, high-consumption groups with high disposable income are more willing to try low-risk luxury home beauty device.

Where is the technological innovation? Where is the way out for the iterative beauty instrument?

In the past two years, affected by the epidemic, the home beauty equipment market has grown steadily. In the future, consumers need a more professional and convenient home beautification experience. The home beauty instrument meets the needs of the new generation of beauty lovers. Not only has it expanded the beauty equipment market, it has also promoted brand technology upgrades and product iterations. Which brand is the first to complete product upgrades and market layout, will be the first to seize market dividends.

As a technologically innovative home beauty equipment brand, TSM Skin Beauty continuously upgrades technology, optimizes product design, enhances consumer experience, promotes home beauty equipment category innovation, and activates market demand.

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