How To Use Home Use Hair Removal Device ?

1. Shaving preparation
①When taking a bath (warm water is recommended), use shower gel/soap foam to gently shave the hair that needs to be depilated over 2mm (ladies may not shave the facial fluff).
②After shaving the next night, use the depilator to depilate after taking a bath at night.
③Don't scratch dry, which can easily damage the skin.

Reminder: The shaving knife is sharper, so be careful when shaving. If you are not used to the new shaving knife, you can choose the squeegee that you are accustomed to.

2. Shave the hair off the next day
①At this stage, the body hair is in the growth period, the body hair is the most concentrated and sensitive to light, and the effect is better.
②The skin will be relieved the next day after shaving, and it will not be easily irritated.
After taking a shower, spray a water-like and non-alcoholic toner on the area to be depilated, and use the depilatory after the skin is dry to better avoid touching the water.

3. Skin test
①When using a household hair removal device for the first time, or when using a new gear for the first time, select a small area of the limbs and polish it again, and wait for 8-12 hours. If there is no discomfort, use this gear on a large area for hair removal.
②After the skin adapts to the energy, the gear can be gradually increased. The highest gear is 5 gears. The higher the gear, the greater the energy and the better the effect.

4. Use of gears
For the first week of hair removal, it is recommended to use 1 gear for the whole process. The higher the gear, the greater the energy, and the better the effect, but the premise is that the skin can adapt to the energy of the gear. If the skin is particularly delicate and sensitive, the first gear can be adapted several times. After a gear is fully adapted, then gradually adjust the high gear ( If you stop using it for a period of time, please adjust it to level 1 when you use it again, and then gradually increase it to a high level after the skin adapts.

5. Lighting times
The part that needs hair removal only needs to shine 2 times (that is, 2 flashes are enough, that is, one part only needs to stay 2 times, and it is estimated that it will only take 1 minute to remove hair on the lips).

6. Care after hair removal
After depilation, wipe the depilated area with pure plant-based aloe vera gel for deep moisturizing care.

7. Precautions
①Spot wounds, scars, moles, acne, red blood streaks, acne marks and obvious parts of veins should be avoided.
②Avoid road water within 6 to 8 hours, and wipe skin care products such as body lotion.
③Avoid using makeup and products with higher chemical composition within 12 hours (body milk is recommended to be used after 6 hours).
④Do not use perfumes, masks, and products containing scrubs during the post-treatment period.
⑤ Within 24 hours of depilation, try to avoid ultraviolet rays. If you go out, please protect it from the sun (avoid exposure to the sun), and apply barrier cream and sunscreen.